Best Ways To Prevent Ear Infections

Best Ways To Prevent Ear Infections

Ear infections are common in children because their ears are not fully developed, and it can be difficult to properly drain fluid. Ear infections can be brutal, and it can be difficult for your child to function while dealing with an ear infection. They can affect your child’s appetite and how they function throughout the day. Instead of having your child constantly deal with ear infections, there are ways to help prevent ear infections from happening in the first place.

Preventing Your Child’s Ear Infections

There are steps that you can take to protect your child from dealing with ear infections. Often, ear infections happen as a result of a previous sickness. The sickness can cause your child to have a buildup of fluid in the ears, which causes bacteria to grow. By making sure that your child is up to date on their vaccinations, you can prevent your child from being sick in the first place. This can help lower their chance of ear infections.

You should always make sure that you wash your hands before handling your child, especially when they’re young. Bacteria can be on your hands and it’s important not to spread that to your child, especially when their immune system is still developing. Breastfeeding for the first 6 months of your child’s life can also help strengthen their immune system and help them fight off infections.

Certain irritants can also cause ear infections. This includes cigarette smoke. You should never expose your child to secondhand smoke. If your child deals with constant ear infections, you may want to talk to your pediatrician about getting tubes installed in your child’s ears to help with drainage.

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