When Should You See Your Pediatrician?

When Should You See Your Pediatrician?

As parents, it's natural to feel concerned about your child's health and well-being, especially when they're experiencing symptoms or discomfort. While many childhood illnesses and injuries can be managed at home with proper care, there are times when it's important to seek medical attention from a pediatrician. You should also be aware that you’ll need to take your child to their pediatrician even when they aren’t sick to ensure that they continue to stay as healthy as possible.

Knowing When To Visit Your Pediatrician

If your child develops a fever, it's important to monitor their temperature and seek medical attention if it persists or is accompanied by other concerning symptoms, such as lethargy, irritability, difficulty breathing, or dehydration. Fever in infants under three months of age should always prompt a call to the pediatrician, as it may indicate a serious infection that requires prompt evaluation and treatment.

If your child is dealing with symptoms such as vomiting, diarrhea, abdominal pain, or dehydration, it may indicate gastrointestinal infections, food poisoning, or other digestive disorders. If your child is unable to keep fluids down, shows signs of dehydration, or has severe abdominal pain, it's important to seek medical attention from your pediatrician as soon as possible.

Regular well-child check-ups are an important aspect of preventive pediatric care, providing opportunities for your pediatrician to monitor your child's growth and development, administer vaccinations, and address any concerns or questions you may have about your child's health and well-being. It's important to attend scheduled well-child check-ups according to the recommended schedule to ensure that your child receives the best possible care and support for their ongoing health and development.

Contact Your Pediatrician Today

Make sure you know when additional care is needed. Contact your pediatrician to make sure you know when it’s time to bring your child to their pediatrician for additional care.